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The very first shoe designed by Paul and Jim Van Doren in 1966, the Vans Authentic™ was originally designed as a non-slip boat shoe called the #44 Deck Shoe.  However once skateboarders discovered the waffle rubber sole, they adopted it as a skate shoe, revolutionising the brand and making it what we know today! 

At SOLECT, we stock the original and iconic Vans Authentic™ low-top shoe in premium leather, available in classic black leather Vans or white leather Vans shoes.  With metal eyelets, vulcanised sole, and signature waffle outsoles for durability and superior grip, the Vans Authentic™ is built to last.  The shoes popularity has extended beyond the original skater and surfer fans, and now is favoured by everyone for their timeless, versatile design and superior quality. 

Buy your pair of Vans Authentic™ shoes online today and discover effortless style that will last you for years to come!  Not sure which size Vans to choose?  Generally, women’s US size is 1.5 sizes larger than the US men’s size.  Our handy in-product size converter lets you select your favourite pair of Vans sneakers in your true US Men’s, US Women’s, UK, or EU size, so you can be sure you’re getting the right fit for you.

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