Collection: Timberland Shoe Care

The best way to clean your Timberland boots and shoes

Keep your boot, shoes, and leather items looking great with our selection of Timberland shoe care products, specially designed to clean all different types of footwear!

Clean your favourite leather boots with the Waximum™ Waxed Leather Protector – helping to restore oiled and waxed leathers while adding a breathable layer of waterproofing for increased protection.

To protect most styles of footwear (and even clothing) from stains and water, the Timberland® Balm Proofer™ is your go-to, while the Timberland® Renewbuck™ foam cleaner targets tough stains that have already found their way onto your suede or nubuck footwear.

We are all fans of a fresh sneaker but keeping them clean can be tricky!  Timberland Sole Brightener is designed to clean grass stains, grease, and other grime from boot and sneaker soles, with included optical brighteners to enhance the look of white outsoles. Sneaker lovers rejoice!

So, while you’re shopping for your next pair of boots, sneakers, or dress shoes, don’t forget to check out our collection of Timberland shoe cleaning products to help keep your kicks looking like new!  While you’re at it, check out our full collection of Shoe Care products, including the best products to clean your Birkenstock sandals, and much more!