Collection: Ankle Socks

Shop the best ankle socks to suit your lifestyle

Keep your feet protected and your footwear fresh with our range of premium ankle socks, designed to pair perfectly with sports shoes, sneakers, and ankle boots alike.  We carry leading sock brands including Smartwool and Stance, built for comfort, durability, performance and style.

Our collection of ankle socks for women and men are made from premium materials like merino wool, and use design and performance technologies to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer. Smartwool’s Virtually Seamless toe reduces in-shoe bulk for all-day comfort, while the 4 Degree™ elite fit prevents the socks from slipping and bunching inside your footwear.

Everyday classic ankle socks pair perfectly with your favourite ankle boots, while a pair of low-cut performance socks are the ideal complement to your hiking shoes and running sneakers, helping to prevent blisters so you can go further.

If you’re looking for the best socks for sport and for life, discover the best fitting, blister-repelling comfort of top-quality ankle socks from SOLECT.  Buy online today!